Welcome to Pine Tree Preschool And Childcare's  Website

We are much more than just a high quality preschool and childcare center. We provide a loving, nurturing, home-like environment where children can feel safe to exercise their curiosity and natural desire to learn and the parents can be worry free.

Our school is located in the beautiful city of Healdsburg, California. We provide year round preschool and childcare for children 18 months  through 10 years old.  There is a variety of monthly contract schedules to choose and we are flexible to individual family needs.

The school's interior makes people feel as if they were in a family home. When you enter Pine Tree Preschool, you most likely will smell something wonderful that is being prepared in the kitchen and you will be greeted by a friendly face. Your child will most likely  run off and engage themselves to one of the activity areas where their favorite toys are located or where there is a fun activity taking place. 

The teachers will always make you and your child feel welcome and will  help you with morning transition. Your child will be continually engaged in fun and educational activities throughout the day. We promise to also provide them with healthy meals and a cozy nap area so their little bodies can rest peacefully.

I have tried to create a simple, parent friendly website to answer all your questions about our programs;

If you have any questions , please don't hesitate to ask the director or call me directly.

Thank you so much for inquiring about my school. Its been my life's passion to create a quality Preschool and Childcare program that would feel like a "Home-Away From Home" for my staff and the Pine Tree children and their families. All of us at Pine Tree Preschool look forward to meeting you and your family and introducing you to our big family.

Catherine Kohmann, Owner of Pine Tree Preschool

P/S "Here is my personal mobile phone where you can reach me anytime.  707 888-7542

Since 1993


And yes, We take children in diapers and all stages of potty training!

Hours of Operation Monday - Friday 7:00 am - 5:45pm