Brigid and Will Irons
 Brigid and Will Irons of Cloverdale Pine Tree is a very loving & caring place. Our son has grown leaps and bounds since starting here. What a magical place this is! 
Giunti family
 I have known Cathy Kohmann for about 10+ years. I have visited her child care school on various occasions as well as special events that she has organized. She has a special connection and interaction with all of the children trusted into her care. Her school, her teachers and helpers are so caring and teaching and encouraging children to have creative talents. I have been so amazed at how well her school is organized and the care, playtime, learning, even napping surprised me. I would definitely recommend her school to anyone searching for the best school for their child. If you have any questions you can email me or call me (415 382-xxx) and I would be happy to go over any questions you may have. Sincerely Yours, 
Donna Hoskins
 Donna Hoskins of Healdsburg, California I am writing this note to let you know how pleased we are with your school. The one-on-one contact you have with each child really pleases us. However, the main reason we decided on your facility in the first place is because we could have both of our children in one place. By this I mean, we drop off our 4 year old every morning, Monday - Friday and then our 8 year old joins him after school. Having the convenience of the bus dropping our older son off at your place after school enables the two boys to be together until the end of the day when we come to get them. Knowing that my older son is there in case his younger brother is having a rough day is a great peace of mind. Thank you for extending the convenience to us . We really appreciate it 2008 Our hearts and fond memories will always go out to you. Amber has learned so much and her maturity has grown. She now loves school, her teachers and learning. We love all of you so much. She now has more social skills than we can handle some times. May many more kids come here.. Thank you all so much. 
The Johnson Family (Charlie, Beth, Nataleigh, Paige and Megan) of Windsor, California
 Pine Tree Teachers, Well you survived another Pre K class. Congratulations! We came to Pine Tree just 10 months ago and can't believe how much we feel at home. Nataleigh had only minor reservations at first, but easily made her transitions. The enthusiasm is almost contagious. Your personalities work well together and truly our make Pine Tree what it is. We can't believe in such a short amount of time how much our little girl has changed and learned. She is so prepared for kindergarten. Thank you! We will truly miss you and fondly remember so much - life long memories - as Preschool should be. 
Victoria Long and Jesus Uresti
 Victoria Long and Jesus Uresti of Healdsburg We are writing this letter to express our feelings of gratitude for the high quality of care that your staff provides to our daughter, Maya. Since Maya has attended Pine Tree Preschool, she has enjoyed every day, learned many skills, and has established solid relationships with the Pine Tree teachers. The Pine Tree Staff has provided maya a loving and nurturing environment that stimulates her growth and development as a preschooler while building her confidence and self-esteem vital to her continued success in a social and educational environment. Because of fun activities, the large play area (which she loves, and we do too!), her friends, the educational experiences, and high quality staff, Maya is sometimes reluctant to leave. She has had nothing but a positive experience at Pine Tree, and we want to thank you all, for your dedication, long hours, and infinite energy that you put towards the children who attend Pine Tree Preschool. Thank You!