Our Programs

The first five years of a child's life are a period of extraordinary  growth and development. A child’s development depends on  what they were born with  and what they experience. (Nature VS Nurture). A whole-child approach to growth and development involves multiple dimensions that interwove including a child's emotional, social, physical, language, cognitive,  well-being.

Dr. Jack P. Shonkoff stated a powerful quote from his part in the research in the report,  Neurons to Neighborhoods, "Children  are born ready to learn. We don't have to make them ready to learn. We don't have to teach them how to learn. They are wired from the beginning to learn, and they're wired to experience and to master the world around them."  

Our role as teachers at Pine Tree Preschool and Childcare Center is to provide an optimal environment in which each child can develop at their own pace and in their  own way. Let their interest, their backgrounds , their experiences  and the relationships we have with them, the objects and environment we provide for them, be the tools we use to further enhance their development. It is through quality program planning and relationship building with the children that we can connect the five areas of development; Emotional, Social, Language, Cognitive, and Motor throughout the time we have with each child.

Toddler Program

The earliest years of a child's life are all about relationships. Toddlers crave and develop attachments to the special people in their lives.

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Preschool Program

During the preschool years, a child's world expands. They start to make friends and begin connecting with more adults beyond the family. The children become more mobile and verbal. They want to explore and learn about everything. It's a critical time in their development, and parenting adults and teachers play a central role.

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Pre-K Program

As your child enters our Pre K program, you’ll begin to really notice their new and exciting abilities.

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School Age Program

We offer the after school care, summer and vacation days care for Kindergarten kids.

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Emergency child care for families who live nearby or for families visiting the area.

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