Life Skills

Pouring liquids from various containers

Cutting with knife

Table setting and clearing

Table manners:

  • Thank you
  • No thank you
  • Wait for everyone to be seated
  • Wait for everyone to be done

Baking and Cooking

Maintain their personal hygiene independently

Cleaning their play areas

Sweeping and mopping

Raking and picking up leaves

Wash dishes

Making their beds

Folding towels and cloths


Taking care of toys and learning materials

Understanding the need for empathy

Separates from parents easily

Understand the need of routines and rules

Sharing and taking turns

Resolves conflict appropriately

Ask for help when needed

Complete tasks

Dress themselves

Put on their own shoes and socks

Be responsible for their personal belongings

Know their address and phone number

Know their first and last names

Know their family’s names

Be able to focus in circle time and in group setting

Help clean up the playground