Parade Time

We have a float every year in the Healdsburg Twilight Parade. It's the third week of May. A time when all of our families come together to build the winning float



Every year we celebrate Halloween . We focus on the fun of dressing up, acting out our characters, baking Halloween treats and making decorations. We avoid any scary images or activities of Halloween

Exploring Our Playground


 Christmas Time

Time to dress up as Santa's, make decorations, bake sweets, decorate cookies, sing holiday songs..


The Easter Bunny visits every year and we hunt for eggs

Mother's Day

Each year we have a "High Tea Party" to celebrate Mother's Day.



Father's Day

Each year we have a "BBQ Party" to celebrate Father's Day.







 It's Splash Time

Summer brings the children much excitement. All our water toys, water slides and wading pools come out


 Every Child Is An Artist

We do  "Sip and Paint" parties to make beautiful presents for our parents. Of course the children are not sipping wine. It's home-made grape juice