Nap/Rest Period

Each child in our school are required to have a labeled junior sleeping bag. The  school provides a  sanitized napping cot  that   is  wiped  down/sprayed with  a  disinfectant daily  after  each use.

The sleeping bag  must be  taken home each week for  laundering  or  daily as  needed. There may  be  a  extra fee  if  the parent ignores our request to wash their child’ s sleeping bag and we have to do it. There also may be a fee if a child has  to  use  a school sleeping bag  if  the  parent forgot theirs at  home.

A teacher or aide will supervise the children in the nap room at all times. She will help the children wash up, put on a nap time diaper if required, change soiled clothes, remove their slippers and   help  them  snuggle up  ion  their sleeping bags  on  their cot.

The teacher will play soft music and may rub the children’ s backs and  arms  to  help  them  relax. Some  children are also rocked to sleep. The children will have a minimum of a 1 hour resting time to a maximum resting time of 3  hours. Your  child’ s nap  plan can  be  discussed with your child’ s  teacher.

Parents, please  respect the  napping/resting times.  If  you  are picking your  child up  early,  please wait  in  the  Welcoming Room. The  teacher will  bring your  child to  you.