We have a full  size home - like kitchen  and  a  wonderful  cook who makes fresh meals and goodies every day for the children and the staff. Within this kitchen area, we have an island with bar style chairs where parents can sit and enjoy watching their children play while sipping on a fresh cup of coffee or tea.

Pine Tree Preschool has three formal sit down eating times  and a few informal eating/drinking times. Formal times: Breakfast, Lunch and Afternoon Snack. Informal times are throughout the morning and afternoon schedules when children individually express they are hungry or thirsty.

Breakfast and Snacks

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Healthy snacks are so important to a child's diet. Good snacks provide vitamins, nutrients, and fiber to keep growth on track. Pine Tree preschool will provide healthy snack to ensure your children are eating healthy.

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School Lunch and Home Lunch

Pine Tree  Pre-School offers  a  lunch for an additional fee  or  you  may  send  a  lunch from  home. Lunches brought from home must be put  into a  labeled lunch bag. For  health reasons, the  staff  will not  put  these lunch bags into the  refrigerator.

Please make sure your child has ice packs in their lunch pail  to keep  their  food at a safe temperature. Individual children’ lunch pails will  be stored on the shelves underneath the white board and  their lunch will  be  transferred to  plates at  lunch time.

Lunch Ideas

Meal Routines

Weekly  menus and snacks schedules are posted in  the Welcoming  Room and in the kitchen . Our staff welcomes suggestions for meal planning.

  • Children are required to wash their hands before and  after  sitting down  for  a  meal  or  snack.
  • During meal time, we focus on table manners and conversations with our friends.
  • Children are selected each day to help set the tables, and  serve  food. 
  • Children are encouraged to pour their own milk, juice, or  water and to use knifes.
  • Children are  to  sit down at a table when eating or drinking.
  • Children are taught how to  clear their plates, cups, and utensils, wipe down the table and sweep, or  mop  underneath their eating area.
  • Children are not allowed to walk around with food or drinks in the classrooms or the playground. Exception to this  rule: the children in  the Toddler  program  may  have  their  sippy  cups or bottles when they lay down for a rest
  • Food  waste must be discarded in  the   lidded kitchen garbage can.
  • If a child has a particular dietary need, the Director must be informed in  writing. The  parents are  responsible to  send substitute snacks or  meals  from  home
  • If your child requires a substitute food because of medical or other special dietary needs, please let us know on the ”Food Allergy” form. Parents are required to  send  alternative snacks  or  lunch if  your  child cannot eat  the  food  on  our menu

Fire Regulations

Due to  Fire  Department regulations, Parents and  children are  not allowed  in  the  kitchen area.