1. Do you offer any reductions for single or low income parents?

There are Childcare Assistance Programs in Sonoma County that you can find in theĀ Parents Resources Link. We may give reduced tuition rates to parents who volunteer on a continuous basis.

2. Are you flexible for customized schedules?

Yes, but it depends on spots available and there may be extra fees involved. Please speak directly to the director about this option.

3. Do you have reduced tuition during closed days and holidays?

Sorry, we do not! We base tuition on a yearly average to make each month the same tuition.

4. When is Tuition Due?

Tuition is paid monthly and it is due the first day of each month.

5. Are you open during Summer time?

Yes, we are open all year round and we do have some special activities for Summer time and lots of outside play time.

6. Do you offer After-School care?

Yes, we do count with a Bus stop right outside of our building and we pick up kids from the Bus stop after the school day. If you are interested in our After School care program, just let us know and let your child’s regular school know that you are going to need the Bus program to bring your child to our center.