Pine Tree Parent Testimonials

Giunti family,

I have known Cathy Kohmann for about 10+ years.  I have visited her child care school on various occasions as well as special events that she has organized.  She has a special connection and interaction with all of the children trusted into her care.  Her school, her teachers and helpers are so caring and teaching and encouraging children to have creative talents.  I have been so amazed at how well her school is organized and the care, playtime, learning, even napping surprised me.   I would definitely recommend her school to anyone searching for the best school for their child.  If you have any questions you can email me or call me (415 382-xxx) and I would be happy to go over any questions you may have.


Sincerely  Yours,


Beeson Family,

Cathy Kohmann has been the owner and director of Pine Tree Preschool for many years. She is an intelligent, energetic and passionate administrator and teacher. Our two girls attended Pine Tree over a five year period. Cathy treated them with love and respected their individuality when teaching them. Both girls are excellent students and well-adjusted socially now at ages 8 and 11. We attribute part of their success to the excellent foundation they received at Pine Tree. Cathy created a wonderful sense of community among the families at Pine Tree. Cathy often reached out to families in need to offer extra support and financial assistance. Pine Tree Preschool is the kind of place where you know you are always welcome! We have dropped by on many occasions to say hello and see what is new with the school.


Cathy is also an effective administrator and communicator. She was always focused on interesting curriculum development and keeping her students excited about learning. She is not afraid to take on big projects, but with an eye towards being financially responsible.


Cathy also treats her staff members with a great deal of respect. She trains them well and supports their growth and development. She is great at coaching and motivating them to take on new responsibilities.


Cathy always had an overall vision of Pine Tree as a place where students of all backgrounds would feel welcome, loved and respected. She has achieved this and more in her role and owner and director of Pine Tree Preschool. She is very community focused and has a positive effect on all of those around her.

Any school would be incredibly fortunate to sign on Cathy Kohmann as their next administrator. She will ignite your staff with passion, will amaze you with her tireless energy and will surround your students with love and kindness.


Boyce Family

We are writing this letter of recommendation for Cathy Kohmann whom we have known for at least 5 years.  Two of our children attended Pine Tree preschool and we were very impressed with her leadership of the school.  Her energy level and commitment to teaching are amazing and my wife and I would never think of sending our children elsewhere.  They were both very well prepared academically for kindergarden and are doing great in school.   Cathy is able to communicate very well with both the parents and children and we have never heard any concerns voiced by other parents.   In short, an amazing person and a great educator
Yours truly,


The Pile Family of Healdsburg

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Liz and I feel so lucky to have had our kids at Pine Tree for two and a half years!

Emily and Natalie both enjoyed their time immensely, they were both more than prepared for kindergarten, and Liz and I always felt comfortable dropping them off for the day knowing they were in great hands! We can't thank you enough for the experience, but one more time, THANK YOU !

With much appreciation

Nate and Liz Pile

The Bugarske Family of Windsor

Dear Cathy,

We just cannot thank you enough for providing such a loving, warm educational environment for Layne to grow & flourish! He has had such a wonderful experience at Pine Tree and we will forever be thankful & grateful for all you've done for our family.

Love Aaron, Jenn, Caden & Layne

The Cook Family of Healdsburg

Dear Cathy, From the bottom of our hearts we thank you and your teachers for having prepared Maxwell so that he is very comfortable to go on to his new school. He is ready socially, academically, and as far as we know, emotionally. I largely attribute that to the wonderful work you and your staff do at Pine Tree. Our best regards. Cecilia & Gavin Cook

The Cassey Family of Windsor

Cathy, Thank you so much for all that you have done for Madison over the past several years. She loves you so much and always misses you when you weren't at school. She has learned so much from you and your school program. We are so thankful to you for that and so proud of Madison. She is such a bright little girl and I know that you were a big part of her learning so we really thank you for tha. We will all miss you, but especially Madison will.  Love always. Becca, Nate and Madison

The Bugarske Family of Healdsburg 

We absolutely love Pine Tree School and are so happy that both our sons have had the opportunity to attend. We really feel that Pine Tree did a great job preparing Caden for kindergarten, and we couldn't be happier to see that our youngest son Layne has grown in so many ways since beginning in January 2008. Caden loved Pine Tree so much that even after he started kindergarten he continued to ask if he could go back to visit "my old Pine Tree School". Layne is so excited to get to school every day, which says a lot for a little boy who loves to stay home more than just about anything else.
The facility is warm & inviting & clean, and we are delighted beyond belief with the entire staff! We love how kind & attentive the teachers are; and we appreciate that our children have been able to grow as individuals under the care of the Pine Tree Staff. Cathy the director, has done an awesome job! We are so grateful for her and the the school she provides. Thank you to everyone at Pine Tree From the bottom of our hearts           

Kurt and Sheryl Steel of Windsor, California

We are writing this letter to let you know how pleased we have been with the environment you and your team of teachers have provided for our children, Nicholas and Catherine, since we moved to Windsor and enrolled them at Pine Tree School last November.
When we met with you in October, we were looking for a day care for our children. Instead what we found was an environment that nurtured our children emotionally, provided social stimulation, and challenged them academically.
Until they came to Pine Tree, Catherine and Nick had been cared for at home, by us and by a nanny who lived in our home. They were more than ready to form social bonds outside their family - and at Pine Tree, they found a place where they could meet and interact with younger and older children than them. They now have the social skills to meet children of other ages and understand appropriate play for those different age groups.
We have also been impressed with how are children have progressed academically. While we don't wish to push our kids, we knew it was important for them to have certain skills in order to be ready for kindergarten. We were very impressed by the kindergarten readiness checklist you showed us, and were pleased to see that the checklist completed in the past month, demonstrating our children's readiness to move on to kindergarten this fall. In the seven months our kids have been at Pine Tree, they have learned to write their names, write all the letters of the alphabet, write numbers, count above 100, and sight read numerous words. Additionally, they have learned some Spanish vocabulary, which will serve them well at the bilingual school they will be attending this fall. Just as important, we have enjoyed and marveled in the creative work they bring home: paintings, drawings, collages, beaded necklaces, and more. Our home is decorated with works of preschool art, which we treasure: our children's grandparents and other relatives have also been delighted by these artistic treasures. These kinds of creative outlets are so important for preschoolers, and set the foundation for creative thought as well as an appreciation for artwork in their future.
The "extras" at Pine Tree school really make it exceptional. Field trips to La Pizza or McDonalds for a special treat, and family activities after hours like the Gingerbread party and the summer barbeque, are special events that not every preschool offers. Perhaps the highlight of our summer so far, was participation in the Healdsburg twilight parade, riding on Pine Tree's award winning float. My children were immensely proud of having helped make the float, our entire family enjoyed riding on the float in costume, and everyone was thrilled to have won first prize.

But more than anything, we have valued and appreciated the safe,supportive, nurturing environment you and your staff provide. Five days out of seven, we entrust you with the two most important things in our whole world: our children. You and your teachers have earned, over and over, our trust and respect. I cannot tell you how many times I have come to pick them up at the end of the day, only to have one or both of them ask. "Can we stay a little longer?' Just today, we stayed an extra 15 minutes so Nicholas and Catherine could work a little longer on the bead necklaces they were making. In the past, whenever we took our twins to a child care center when their nanny was out of town, they couldn't get out of there fast enough at the end of the day. At Pine Tree, they want to stay and play. What stronger evidence could we have of our children's happiness in this setting.


Barbara and Tim Tuscany  of Healdsburg

Tim and I would like to applaud you both and your staff at Pine Tree School for the attentive care and focus you have on our son Massimo. We have felt so comfortable since Massimo. We have felt so comfortable since Massimo began your school In January 2004 when he was 2 years old. He loves going to your school and is always welcomed so joyfully which puts me at ease as a parent. He has developed so many skills emotionally, socially and physically. You have provided so much guidance to Tim and me when we are being challenged with his develop "moments" that has made me feel empowered to overcome and be successful as parents. I have recommended your school to numerous other moms who have enrolled their children and very happy with your program and teachers. I have been so impressed with the entire program that i wish our local school system could model on your focus on children first, curriculum, and the sense to modify the program as needed. I am proud to let other people know he goes to Pine Tree School. I have gotten positive comments back from local educators impressed with your program and how more successful in the early grades the children are having attended Pine Tree Preschool.


Victoria Long and Jesus Uresti of Healdsburg

We are writing this letter to express our feelings of gratitude for the high quality of care that your staff provides to our daughter, Maya. Since Maya has attended Pine Tree Preschool, she has enjoyed every day, learned many skills, and has established solid relationships with the Pine Tree teachers. The Pine Tree Staff has provided maya a loving and nurturing environment that stimulates her growth and development as a preschooler while building her confidence and self-esteem vital to her continued success in a social and educational environment. Because of fun activities, the large play area (which she loves, and we do too!), her friends, the educational experiences, and high quality staff, Maya is sometimes reluctant to leave. She has had nothing but a positive experience at Pine Tree, and we want to thank you all, for your dedication, long hours, and infinite energy that you put towards the children who attend Pine Tree Preschool. Thank You!


Turk Family of Healdsburg 

We have appreciated all you have done to make Pine Tree a warm and safe spot for our Zoe and all the kids.... You are always thinking up new ideas and are extremely energetic! If only you could bottle and sell that energy ($)! Great job on your floats. We will always be glad that you hired loving women to work there And that you care so much about the school. My favorite thing has been Zoe coming home and singing new songs and speaking some Spanish.


Justin and Kristi Witt of Healdsburg
Our daughter has been at Pine Tree since 2005 and she loves it. Their program allows a lot of play time and educational growth. With much of the social and educational aspects she's learned at Pine Tree, we feel our daughter will be ready
for kindergarten.
             In addition to the educational and social environment, there is a feeling of support that may not be the case for all preschools/day cares. Cathy and the Pine Tree staff genuinely care about the kids and it shows. Because many Pine Tree parents realize the effort Cathy puts into creating a positive, stimulating place for kids, she has received support from the parents: contributions from parents to add to the playground to buy a giant rubber water slide for summer play time, built a large sandbox, created outstanding floats for the local parade and has fun graduating/family picnics. With Cathy's endless energy for maintaining a great preschool and her support for Pine Tree parents and staff, we have experienced a very welcoming and nurturing environment.
The best testament we can offer is when we pick up our child to go home:there are many times when she's having so much fun that she'll be reluctant to leave. She'll eventually realize it's time to go, then she'll hug some of her friends goodbye for the day and wave goodbye to her teachers. To us, that shows she feels comfortable and cared for when she's at Pine Tree


The Iron Family  of Cloverdale 

Thanks for all your help and encouragement the last two years. Hunter has learned a great deal of things and seems to get smarter every day.            

Jennifer Ready  of Healdsburg

Dear Cathy,
Thank you for providing such an amazing school as Pine Tree. Jack loves going to school everyday and has blossomed in the care of your loving staff. Knowing that every day he has a happy teacher who is excited to see him that will care for him and protect him while nurturing his creativity is extremely comforting. Pine Tree is a second family for Jack. Thank you for finding the best people and guiding them to being excellent.


Shiela Affronti of Cloverdale  

Cathy, Thank you for Pine Tree. Thank you for your amazing staff. Thank you for taking such an interest in my kids (and ALL KIDS) and preparing them for what comes next in life. You are a very special person to our kids & me. I am so thankful a place like Pine Tree exist! With much appreciation.

By a parent, Shiela Affronti

1) The teachers are kind and full of energy.
2) The teachers recognize that each kid is different.
3) The Pine Tree Preschool staff is perceptive and understands your child's gifts and "areas of improvement" and work with them on those things.
4) The space is big, sunny and clean.
5) The kids can play outside even if it's raining
6) Anyone there is available to speak with you about concerns. They listen and get back to you with honest answers.
7) They have thought about the needs of working parents and offer services to help make it easier: meals are provided. After school care is available for those times when you need them.
8) The teachers taught my kids how to write their names.
9) There is a great balance of structure and free play.
10) I am able to go to work each day and not worry about my kids.

Krist Justin and Sophia Witt  of Healdsburg   
Cathy, we are very grateful for you and the safe, loving environment Sophia has had since she came to Pine Tree more than three years ago. It has been such a comfort knowing she has been in a safe, positive environment for her early years when she couldn't be with us. It was so hard to leave our baby girl in day care those first months, but you helped her (and us) adjust as smoothly as possible. I am glad we don't have to say goodbye since she'll be in Pine Tree's after School care, but we wanted to thank you for all you've done for Sophia (You have also been very accommodating to schedule changes we requested, and we're greatly appreciative about that too). We feel she is ready for kindergarten and that's due in a large part to her experiences and wonderful teachers at Pine Tree. I know the staff and the friends she's made there will always be special to Sophia.


Turk Family of Healdsburg   

We have appreciated all you have done to make Pine Tree a warm and safe spot for our Zoe and all the kids.... You are always thinking up new ideas and are extremely energetic! If only you could bottle and sell that energy ($)! Great job on your floats. We will always be glad that you hired loving women to work there And that you care so much about the school. My favorite thing has been Zoe coming home and singing new songs and speaking some Spanish.


Anne Gradek of Cloverdale    

Dear Cathy
A note of thanks for arranging transportation this school year from West Side Elementary to Pine Tree. I know it took some juggling and careful planning on your part and I really appreciate your efforts and willingness to fill a need for a few parents and students.


The Boyce Family... Anthony, Kim, Paxton and Liam

WOW! What a great experience to have my child here at Pine Tree. The staff is motivated, confident, loving and really want the best for the children. With a team leader like Cathy it's no surprise. Cathy has an incredible love for children and is very uplifting and motivating. There is no question that Cathy and the staff love their job and always put the children first. Thanks!
I couldn't imagine a more qualified professional group of people to care for my child. Thanks for all the love you bring to my child, my family, and most of all Pine Tree.


Westons (Now living in France)

Dearest Cathy
Pine Tree has been such an important place in Benjamin's young life! He joined you on July 2005 close to two years ago. He has grown so much since and has learned so much and loves his Pine Tree "routine" He is going to miss Mindy and Magdalena tremendously as he always talks about them and even said to Magdalena that she was coming with us to Paris. Thank you for your HUGE JOB, for caring so much about each child and the families. Cathy, I do not know where you find your endless energy. Keeping a very fond memory of you all. All our love, The


Bob Boardman And Laura Beach

Pine Tree School has been part of our family's life for 20 years! Two uncles of Paxton And Liam Boyce attended Pine Tree when we moved here in 1988. They (our sons) are now young men and very happy to see their nephews carrying on the Pine Tree tradition. Thanks for all the loving care and fun you've provided for our grandchildren and children.

Scott and Katie King of Windsor, California

Words alone cannot express how grateful we are to have found you at Pine Tree. Thank you so much for showing Margaret how special and fun learning can be.


Donna Hoskins of Healdsburg, California

I am writing this note to let you know how pleased we are with your school. The one-on-one contact you have with each child really pleases us. However, the main reason we decided on your facility in the first place is because we could have both of our children in one place. By this I mean, we drop off our 4 year old every morning, Monday - Friday and then our 8 year old joins him after school. Having the convenience of the bus dropping our older son off at your place after school enables the two boys to be together until the end of the day when we come to get them. Knowing that my older son is there in case his younger brother is having a rough day is a great peace of mind. Thank you for extending the convenience to us . We really appreciate it


Our hearts and fond memories will always go out to you. Amber has learned so much and her maturity has grown. She now loves school, her teachers and learning. We love all of you so much. She now has more social skills than we can handle some times. May many more kids come here.. Thank you all so much.


Megan Kotte of Healdsburg

Dear Pine Tree Staff,
Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication! Thank you for your patient, caring warmth you have given to Ethan. This has been an incredible year for Ethan, he has grown so much in his skills, capacity to problem solve, and intelligence. He has learned so much here! You should be very proud of yourselves. You are all GREAT TEACHERS and I know that Ethan will be totally ready for Kindergarten. Thank you for always listening and for being there for us. This has been his second family and we are grateful. He loves all of you. P.S. PINE TREE ROCKS!!!

Lana, David, Jacob and Emily Mounts

Dear Cathy & Everyone at Pine Tree,
I can't seem to write anything without crying. You have been apart of our family for 5 great years and it is difficult to express the gratitude and appreciation that I feel. You have all been such a great part of Jacob and Emily's life and I believe you have helped carve a very successful path for their future learning experiences. We will miss you all very much and look forward to seeing you all again in a few years when the next Mounts child is ready for Pine Tree. Have a wonderful summer.


The Johnson Family (Charlie, Beth, Nataleigh, Paige and Megan)

of Windsor, California

Pine Tree Teachers,
Well you survived another Pre K class. Congratulations! We came to Pine Tree just 10 months ago and can't believe how much we feel at home. Nataleigh had only minor reservations at first, but easily made her transitions. The enthusiasm is almost contagious. Your personalities work well together and truly our make Pine Tree what it is. We can't believe in such a short amount of time how much our little girl has changed and learned. She is so prepared for kindergarten. Thank you! We will truly miss you and fondly remember so much - life long memories - as Preschool should be.


Brigid and Will Irons  of Cloverdale

Pine Tree is a very loving & caring place. Our son has grown leaps and bounds since starting here. What a magical place this is!