The Staff at Pine Tree Preschool

Esmeralda Soto- Preschool Director



Esmeralda is the Pre K teacher for the four and five year olds. She has an AA degree in Child Development from Santa Rosa Junior. She holds a BA degree from Sonoma State  with a major in Liberal Studies and a minor in Psychology. She is a very loving and caring teacher and has been at Pine Tree for ten years. Esmeralda is totally devoted to the school. She opens the school at 7 am and is there all day until 6:00pm to ensure that the program runs smoothly all day long. Esmeralda loves to teach arts and crafts with the children and they sing all day long. She also ensures that our school has multi cultural appreciation for all culture and the children learn to speak spanish and English.

Mia Soto --Teddy Bears Teacher


Photo: Some pictures from the Mother's Day High Tea at Pine Tree preschool healdsburg

Mia is the Teddy Bear, three year old, teacher. Mia has her Teaching Certificate from the Santa Rosa Junior College. Having two children of her own Mia is great at comforting our little ones and helping them transition to school. Mia is a very artistic teacher and makes wonderful art projects with her class and helps create projects for the school. On her time off she enjoys cooking and spending time with her family.


Nicole Lopez --Toddler Teacher Aide




Kelsey and Kody — Pine Tree's Lovable Pet Mascots

We have two very lovable Yellow Labradors who have been at Pine Tree School since they were six weeks old. The children love playing with the dogs, taking them on walks around the playground and looking after their basic needs in their kennel.